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EPOD & Handheld Solutions

Our EPOD & Handheld Service

With most delivery organisations now opting to go down the paperless route, we a

re finding more companies choosing the EPOD device for the day-to-day multi-drops. An electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) is convenient for both drivers and customers to use. Integrating software systems such as maps, delivery consignments, vehicle checks, and other customer specific products all on one device could be the way forward for you. However, as any electronic device, these need regular charge to maintain the use of them throughout the day.

This is where Commcare and our engineers can help you.

Off the back of completing another roll out with a returning customer, a hard-wired installation of a charging unit for the Motorola TC57 device and prior to this its predecessor the TC55 into their nationwide fleet of 2500+ vehicles. As well as ensuring all the new fleet vehicles arriving at depot level from the body builder, we have now entered a service level agreement (SLA) overseeing the repair and servicing of these cradles.

Meeting ever changing requirements corresponding to the dashboard type of various vehicles, the health and safety locations of the cradles to meet VOSA and DVLA safety regulations and the opinions of all drivers and management involved with the deciding factors.

A hard wired, dash mounted charging cradle not only allows the device to retain charge whilst in constant use, but also allows the driver of the vehicle to use it as a Sat-Nav.

Not only do we install EPOD Cradles, but we have also previously been involved with in cab printing systems, a specially designed Trans-Case which combined both a Telematic unit & charging facilities for handheld devices and so much more.

We can keep your fleet up to date with the latest technology required, all you must do is tell us what you need and how we can help.

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